🤪 "Face Fuckery"

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YAY!!! I am so excited to release this workshop! It is my first student paced, fully downloadable online workshop in more than 2 years!! This workshop has been designed for everyone of my students that has ever said I want to paint loose and I wish I could paint faces! YOU are the inspiration and this course celebrates all the supplies and mixed-media joy we all feel when we create!!

🤪 Face Fuckery: Online workshop and creative freedom course

If you are looking for a realistic painting course that requires drawing and painting skill and mastery of color and skin tone…RUN in the other direction, lol!

🤪 This is Face Fuckery!

Yes, you heard that right and yes, fuckery is one of my favorite words for describing the unbridled freedom and layering goodness of this workshop. (ok and yes fuck is also one of my favorite words for everything else too, lol)

What is Face Fuckery? 

“The art of purposely defying the expectations of painting faces.”

If you can scribble, slap around paint, think outside of the box, love mixed-media, work in layers and have fucked up a perfectly good painting at some point in your life…This is the must have workshop for you!

In this workshop I am going to teach you how to:

  • Confidently break the rules while still loosely  teaching basic facial structure and expression.
  • Celebrate your willingness to take bold risks that push beyond expectations because who YOU are as an artist is WAY MORE IMPORTANT to tap into than you may think.
  • Use ALL those fun art supplies you have hoarded in your creative space. This is my Favorite part! YAY!!
  • And I am also going to share with you my secrets for SUCCESSFUL mixed media art. Just a few of my tips may just change the full spectrum of the art you're doing.

⭐️ This online course is a student-paced, downloadable and includes lifetime access.

⭐️ Shoppable Supplies List here

⭐️ All 5 works are included in course lessons

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