"Innocence Adorned"

$ 1,800

"Oracle" Series

Oil on Canvas

In the heart of a lush meadow, time stands still. A younger version of self, untouched by the trials that lie ahead, basks in the tranquility of the present moment. Flowers weave through her hair, a delicate crown symbolizing her innocence and purity. Each petal whispers tales of untouched dreams and unspoiled hopes, painting a picture of serene beauty.

Perched among the flowers in her hair is a goldfinch, its vibrant plumage a symbol of future rebirth and protection. This gentle presence signifies a connection to nature's resilience and the promise that, no matter the hardships to come, there is always the potential for renewal and growth.

Her earring, a subtle but significant touch, resembles a luna moth—a creature that will come to embody her strength in the face of adversity. This foreshadowing of resilience adds a layer of depth to her innocence, hinting at the inner power she has yet to discover.

In this moment, she is serene, embraced by the meadow's lushness and the gentle company of the goldfinch. This scene captures the delicate balance between past innocence and future strength, a timeless portrayal of a journey yet to unfold.

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