"Sovereign of Moon and Heart"

$ 1,800

Oil on Canvas

In the tranquil embrace of the night, behold the Sovereign of Moon and Heart, an embodiment of divine femininity and spiritual power. She stands amidst the ethereal glow of moonlight, her red tresses cascading like liquid fire, a testament to her inner strength and passion. Adorned with a crown of blooming flowers, each petal a symbol of her connection to nature's cycles and the eternal renewal of life.

At her side, a raven perches, crowned with the sacred heart, a beacon of wisdom and intuition. Together, they embody the duality of darkness and light, the earthly and the ethereal, guiding souls through the depths of the night with grace and compassion.

As she gazes into the infinite expanse, her presence exudes serenity and empowerment, inviting all who behold her to embrace their own inner sovereignty and connect with the mystical energies that reside within. She is not just a queen of the night but a guardian of the soul, a beacon of hope and love in a world of darkness, illuminating the path toward spiritual awakening and inner peace.


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