Flower Drama

Creating Drama in your painting is a combination of good composition, developing values and a burst of strong contrast. This is one of my favorite floral lessons for all of those reasons. Like a virtual artgasm of shadow and light!

Extracted from my retired workshop (Foundations in Acrylic) and because you are awesome and are taking part in this lesson, I am making this full workshop available again to YOU through a special discounted link if you want more lessons like this.

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color palette

I love choosing a palette of colors and working from just those colors to get a full spectrum understanding of how much you can do with them. This dramatic look is achieved without a black in my palette...YES, no black, WHAT!

This full 1 year course also works all lessons ffrom this one palette and each 8x10 floral painting looks completely and uniquely bold and brrightly expressive.

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supplies reference paint in palette

Set up + Palette of Colors

Set up + Palette of Colors

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