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There are three membership levels, as low as $5/month. Your support really goes a long way toward supporting the studio and allowing me to bring you even more support as an artist!

FAN ($5 per month)

Step-by-Step Process Tutorials:

Gain instant access to my patreon feed
Access monthly painting / Inspiration ANY DAY art journal videos
Tutorial videos walk you through my painting process from concept to finish

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Full Fan tier access plus...

Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes look: 

Additional monthly videos may include:
  • Live paintings
  • In-progress tutorials
  • Guest artists and retreats
  • Vlogs
  • Glimpses of upcoming projects
  • Studio happenings
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Both Fan and Follower access plus...  

Monthly art challenge  

Participate in a monthly art challenge designed to help you grow as an artist. 

Artwork Critique  

Push your art to the next level! You can submit one piece of artwork to me per month for me to give constructive advice on. My critique can be in the form of an email or a phone call, whichever I think will give the best result.

Professional Artist Network

Tips, downloads, suggestions, strategies and professional experiences that will help pave the way for your own transition from hobbyist to working artist. 

Early access

Early access to special content and/or discounts before everyone else.

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