Painting Portraits

More important than the technical aspects of painting portraits is the understanding of the artistic process.

For me, learning to be a better "see-er" of shadow and light has become a pivotal part of my discovery through art. Color Mixing, value and mark making have been a continual focus of study as i develop my process and I in sharing an insider peek into this process I hope to help you in your journey as a "see-er" too. 

NOTE : I want to say a special thank you to Koryn Hudson for giving me permission to share her image and Painting with you.

Painting Process

An exclusive inside look at my painting process.

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Painting Process

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What's Next

Now that you have taken a peek inside the painting process, where do you go from here? There are several ways to really start to dive deeper into your understanding of painter and process. Let's find the perfect fit for you!

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