We love our students and try to make travel as easy and as affordable as we can so that the art and relaxation is all you need to worry about.

We provide two complimentary airport student pickup times on the day before the event, The first pick-up time is at 2:00 PM and the second is at 7:00PM. 

Your driver will pick you up from the airport and drop you off to one of our three Lincolnton event lodging options : Hampton Inn, Quality Inn or of course, our Studio onsite guest accommodations.

We also provide students with complimentary return travel to the Charlotte-Douglass Airport that will pick students up at 6:00 PM on the last day of class and 7:00 AM the next morning.

*Students booking travel and are arriving after 7PM on the day before class, arriving days before or the day of class, and leaving before 6:00PM or day(s) after the last day of class will need to arrange individual travel.

Our studio in Lincolnton is about 50 minutes away (depending on traffic of course).

And of course, those students staying off site and without transportation to and from the studio will be picked up each morning and dropped off at the end of class each day of the event.

Uber & Lyft : 1-way is about $40
Cab : $60
Private car service : $70

We have used this car service for years
Reynolds Limousine