MIXED-MEDIA painting

[RETIRED] Ten 10x10 canvases in 10 days

$ 135

The idea of working in series is about investing the time to take a deeper, more full look at particular ideas, themes, or compositions in a more meaningful way. It is less about repetition and more about how to do the same thing differently, each day bringing a new version of yourself and perspectives to the canvas. It's like looking at something under a microscope as opposed to giving it a casual passing glance. The closer you look, the more you see, and the more you see, the more fascinating it gets.

The concept of strength in numbers also has a greater impact when working in a series, not only for the artist, but also for the viewer. The artists ability to unify a concept across several pieces, gives the artist a chance to take greater liberties when exploring their media, but to more profoundly connect with their audience. With a series, there's a cumulative effect greater than the emotion evoked from each individual works standing on its own.

Tips for working in a series:
• Working in series allows you to explore ideas more thoroughly and give them some breathing room. It is absolutely ok if you can’t create a canvas a day for 10 days…take a month or 6 if you need to.
• Decide the theme or concept that you want your series of art to be about. This might be something you can decide before you even start or possibly identify early on as you begin the momentum of the creative process. The sooner you're able to define your intentions, the more focused and directed you become, and the more unified the works will ultimately be.
• If you're unsure where you want to start with your series, rather jumping in (like I do), try sketching out various ideas for compositions first. See whether they hold your interest individually or as a group.
• If you’re struggling with the concept of working in one theme and like to bounce around, try working on several series simultaneously. Or take a break from working on a series and make one or two of whatever you want to make; then get back to work on the series.
• Once you start creating and developing your ideas for your art, stick with them. This isn't always easy, but forcing yourself to stay focused and disciplined without getting frustrated or distracted keeps you totally involved in the outcome. I promise you, your dedication to your art and your process will have a huge payoff in the end. Trust the process and believe in your self, confidence is key.
• Often when working in a series as opposed to “onesies”, you become less focused on the individual piece and therefore you no longer experience the fear of “ruining” it. This practice of working in multiples can provide a new sense of creative freedom!

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