Donna Downey

Color POP!

$ 99
Fully Downloadable • Immediate Access

The course designed to excite the color lover in you!

Become the ultimate "Mix-Master" of color and infuse that POP of the extraordinary into your art.

The course that will change the way you see color forever!

Don't waste another minute on boring colors that leave your artwork flat.

Do you struggle with what colors to mix?

Are you a mud-maker?

Do you have dozens of colors and no inspiration?

Do you always gravitate to the same colors?

Not anymore! 

Color says so much. As an artist you owe it to yourself to understand how color is so much more than just what we squeeze out of the is amplified and made exciting by mixing. 

Knowing what to mix...that's what it is all about!

Make All 13 paintings/journal pages 

This course is student-paced allowing you to work on your own timeline, will NEVER EXPIRE and are fully downloadable.

Supplies Needed:
4x6 Super Thick Index Cards
• 8x10 paper or Artboards
16x20 canvas
• GOLDEN Heavy Body Acrylic in the following colors:

Liquitex Super Heavy Gesso
Sta-Wet Palette
Palette pad or palette
Palette Knife
• Art journal, ruler, pen or pencil for notes

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