Expressive Flowers

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Painting flowers has been an incredible way for me to develop my sense of composition, style, strengthen my technique and express myself through color. But like anything, it takes practice to build your skills and develop your own personal style.

Expressive Flowers is a workshop designed to lead the students through my personal painting process; students may choose to paint along with me or use the instruction as a guide while making their own creative and expressive choices.

Each video is downloadable, as well as, streamable allowing each student to incorporate the lessons into a daily/weekly/monthly painting practice by building on skills and developing an expressive painting style of their own.

Although these lessons are in oil, I encourage you to use and try my process in any/all media. The techniques and lessons are not only for oils, but can be incorporated and adapted for any media.


  • Oil paints (Van Gogh)
  • Palette
  • Oil brush : Size 4 (Rosemary & Co brush)
  • Gamsol
  • Gamblin alkyd oil medium
  • 3 - 8x10 canvas / pre-primed in red acrylic
  • palette/painting knife
  • Wipeout tool (for signing your work only)

Topics covered in these lessons:

  1. Setting up your palette
  2. Color choices
  3. Sketching in your design
  4. Mapping out your colors
  5. Color Value – “Darks Darker & Lights Lighter”
  6. Refining and building up layers of color and texture
  7. Working from “the Inside out & the Outside in”
  8. Final details and a surprise pop of color
  9. “Freezer Grey”
  10. Signing your work
  11. Incorporating a palette/painting knife for building up texture
  12. Clean up


* if trying oils for the first time, students should first take Oil Painting Sessions - Series 1 - Beginner Oils / Chair Study

** Although these lessons are in oil, I encourage you to use and try my process in any/all media.

*** not a pre-requisite, however it would be helpful to have taken the Abstract Florals course


The downloadable delivery and forever access of this product makes it non-refundable

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