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[RETIRED] Inspiration Wednesday 2015

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inspiration wednesday is important to me and having been able to connect with so many of you, i also know it was just as important to you.

working in an inspiration journal has been a huge part of who i have become as an artist, taking risks, trying new products, new techniques, but most of all building my creative confidence. This creative confidence is the common thread i hear from those of you that have been watching along with me for the 3-years of inspiration wednesday...words cannot communicate how truly blessed i feel for being able to reach across the globe, through my art and process and tap into a small part of your creative spirit!


Q. do i have to use one of your inspiration journals? or can i use a regular journal?
A. of course i would love for you to use one of my inspiration journals, they were created in the spirit of this process, but you can use ANY journal. you could even work on canvases if you would like! follow these links to the handmade inspiration journals & extra signatures

Q. will i need a lot of supplies?
A. as with any inspiration wednesday, i am working with what i have on hand. i encourage you to do the same. i will always include a supplies list for you so that you can easily reference the supplies i am using, then if you do decide to invest in a supply you can make a better informed decision.

Q. will these videos be LIVE? will i have to be at the computer at a certain time?
A. as with previous inspiration wednesdays i will be recording myself in "real-time", meaning i am creating as my process leads me...the good, bad and the ugly and how i work start to finish will be included each week. this process will be recorded, so you can watch it at your leisure.

Q. will your videos be available at a certain time every other week?
A. my goal is to be a couple weeks ahead of you, so that i can have every weeks video ready and waiting for you. that said, i don't want to work too far ahead either so i can be present in my creative process with you!

Q. when will the first inspiration wednesday be available?
A. January 7, 2015 - this is the first wednesday of the new year.

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